The best compliment

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Today in the morning I got some few emails from some people from Serbia telling me that my work was copied and asking my opinion about that.

It’s not the first time that it happens with me, but this sunday were 2 pages of mine copied in the same edition of the “Blic” from Serbia.

But like I always say when I give workshops or lectures, this is the best compliment I can always get.

Just for the records: understanding visually the story you wanna tell, improving the process and how your visual journalists work, will give a jump on the quality of “visual storytelling” of your paper to another level. This is the best way in the long run.


European Newspapers Award 2014

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So the great news of the day: Got 3 awards at the European Newspapers Award!
One of them is very special: the cover for the final of the WordCup.
That day I left the newsroom without any good solution. And when I was about to sleep, EUREKA! (It was when I turned on my computer again to do it)

The result: one of our top selling covers of the year and today this award.

The other two pages was a work done together in team with the 2 very talented designers I am honored to have in my team and to work with: Marco Bratsch and Rafal Piekarski.

 Shoe body_in_sports

Bronze at the Lead Awards 2014 (Germany)

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It was an entire week of work. Passed at least 2 days thinking on how to print 1000 web links. And today another reward to those hard working days. After getting a Silver in New York with this 10 pages graphic in the SND, today here in Germany it comes from the Lead Awards! Here are some of the pages:




Design must fulfill dreams and desires

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This week I was in the north of Italy as a Judge for “Das goldenes Lenkrad” (one of the must important awards in the car industry in Europe) in the category design.

My first bachelor graduation was Industrial Design. And looking to all those beautiful lines from so many different cars that are coming out in the industry, reminded me 2 things from the time I was still a student:
“Design must fulfill dreams and desires”.

There is a role for emotions.

In reality, what applies to EVERY area where you see design playing a roll (from a car to a newspaper), what best define it for me, is what once Milton Glaser said: “here are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”.

p.s: In the photo I am with Susie Wolff (Williams Formula 1 driver) after a great talk and a very fun ride in a Lamborghini.
photo by Niels Starnick

Historical edition in Bild am Sonntag

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World Cup Final

In the beginning of this week I was in Brazil, to watch in the stadium a historical day in World Cups. A sad day for Brazilians, like me, and a unforgettable day for germans and all soccer fans.

Back in Germany, this Sunday is the final. And this is the cover I did for Bild am Sonntag for the big day. The headline says: “Today 80,8 Million hearts beats for you” (german team).

Viel glück, Deutschland!


A transformation in the biggest car magazine in Europe

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Last mounth I had the honor to work on the redesign of Auto Bild, that embraces a new philosophy to continue to be dynamic and indispensable in a multi-platform world.

Every time I enter in a newsroom to redesign a magazine or a newspaper, what I do first is: nothing, just listen.

Listening from the Chief Editor, which view he has about his actual magazine (and not what he wants to change) and making the right questions about his publication, brings him to think about details that he maybe never thought before. Ask the right “whys” to get the valuable “becauses” is the key for the entire project during the months after this first step.

It is incredible that every decision, plan, redesign, rethink in the future, bring us back to that first step.

Auto Bild is one of the biggest car magazines in the world. It was a great and “crazy” adventure to spend some months in this newsroom. Great, because of meeting a very smart Chief Editor (Bernd Wieland), who deeply knows his readers and the real essence of the magazine. Crazy, cause the time for the relaunch was too short and I didn’t want to risk the quality of this first step.

With the team of Auto Bild we rethought the entire magazine; rethinking sections, elements and the way of telling stories, emphasizing elegance, directness and good navigation

We wanted the reader to decide about his priorities on the magazine with the “what you must know, read and do”. Hierarchy gives way to a enjoyable and more intuitive reader decision for every story.

Bellow, I compare the redesigned magazine with the old one (I normally do the number zero taking the content of a real issue) and some highlights from the Style Book, Library,  Architecture and Text Newsroom Manual developed for the new project.




Bellow: grid, color pallet and typography. Few highlights from the more than 100 pages given to the newsroom as a project book (Style book, Architecture, Templates, Library and Manual).



I am back and . . . with an Award!

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After some weeks without posting, I am back here with some motivating news: I got an award by ADC Germany, with a page published in Bild am Sonntag, comparing the fastest sports in the world (page above).

But the reason of the weeks without posting here in the blog, was despite of some deserved vacations, I was working in the last months in the amazing relaunch for Auto Bild magazine (german car publication and one of the biggest in the world in its segment).

In the next days I will show the process , details and result of this project that I was honored to take part.

Print has a place in the sun

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Until the end of last month I was working on the the redesign of one of the biggest car magazine in Europe (as soon as the new project is launched, i will show it here in this blog).

Well, after redesigning so many magazines and newspapers, you start to identify things in common in the process of different publications (regardless of country, language or culture).

Things like the fear of changing and the worry to loose the DNA of the magazine are at the top them. =)

But one thing that is always there, is the test with readers.  Although I have many doubts of the way  those tests are sometimes guided, this contact with the readers can be very though provoking.

Like normally those tests happen, we are sitting in a glass room while on the room in front of us questions are made to readers comparing old and new products, despite of different other activities that variates form test to test and from company to company.

In this last one, one comment of a reader called my attention. In one of the pages of the new project of the  magazine,  were some new elements showing some different topics comming from social medias.

The reaction of one reader was: “I am with my magazine, and I don’t wanna see again what I was seeing in internet during my entire day”.

Well, what this reader was asking, is the same thing that makes me believe that the print will have a place in the sun: the power of disconnect.

When we are consuming news on internet, phone, TV, we are at the same time connected with the world, with our emails, with our job, with our problems and with hundred of other stuff. Print has the power to disconnect people momentarily  from this crazy rhythm that sometimes life takes.

I am afraid when I arrive in a newsroom to make any redesign and I listen: “here we are online first” or “here the good and old print is the boss”.

Each media has its function, and mainly, its power!

In a traditional newspaper

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Exactly 2 years ago I was in Brasilia (capital of Brazil) redesigning the first page of one of the must traditional newspapers in South America.

Correio is a newspaper with a rich history, founded in 1960. Known by its visual appealing (awarded as “World Best Designed Newspaper” by the SND), I had the honor to work there as  Art Director, and to have the possibility to develop this project.

The Covers of Correio are famous by its creativity, often with a approach more like a magazine would do to a topic.

For this project, simplicity was the key I mainly used. Create a sense of hierarchy, was essencial to allow the possibility to such strong approach that from times to times popup in Correio first page.

Here are some pages  done as sample pages for the project and as a base for the development of a Style Book. (in the first image the comparison “before / after”, working only with the new elements. Bellow, the use of the new elements applied to the new project with the different approach to the topics).



New project (sample pages)
New project (sample pages)


Short after the launch of the new project, I was very proud to be awarded  by the SND (USA) and by the ESSO award (most important journalism award in South America):

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page, A-Section (Correio Braziliense)
Award of Excellence, News Design/Page, A-Section (Correio Braziliense)
Esso award
Esso award


I am not in Correio anymore, but the talented team of that paper continuos with the same appealing and strong approach in its Cover, that from times to times run around the world.

1 Medal and 2 Awards of Excellence in the SND!

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Great news form New York! I got one Silver Medal and 2 Awards of Excellence in the SND – Best of news design Competition, with Bild am Sonntag!

Were more than 8680 entries from publications from all over the world, and from this,  63 medals were given.
I am very happy to prove again that even with a popular newspaper is possible to make visual storytelling in a high level.

Silver Medal:



Award of Excellence:


Award of Excellence: