In a traditional newspaper

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Exactly 2 years ago I was in Brasilia (capital of Brazil) redesigning the first page of one of the must traditional newspapers in South America.

Correio is a newspaper with a rich history, founded in 1960. Known by its visual appealing (awarded as “World Best Designed Newspaper” by the SND), I had the honor to work there as  Art Director, and to have the possibility to develop this project.

The Covers of Correio are famous by its creativity, often with a approach more like a magazine would do to a topic.

For this project, simplicity was the key I mainly used. Create a sense of hierarchy, was essencial to allow the possibility to such strong approach that from times to times popup in Correio first page.

Here are some pages  done as sample pages for the project and as a base for the development of a Style Book. (in the first image the comparison “before / after”, working only with the new elements. Bellow, the use of the new elements applied to the new project with the different approach to the topics).



New project (sample pages)
New project (sample pages)


Short after the launch of the new project, I was very proud to be awarded  by the SND (USA) and by the ESSO award (most important journalism award in South America):

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page, A-Section (Correio Braziliense)
Award of Excellence, News Design/Page, A-Section (Correio Braziliense)
Esso award
Esso award


I am not in Correio anymore, but the talented team of that paper continuos with the same appealing and strong approach in its Cover, that from times to times run around the world.

1 Medal and 2 Awards of Excellence in the SND!

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Great news form New York! I got one Silver Medal and 2 Awards of Excellence in the SND – Best of news design Competition, with Bild am Sonntag!

Were more than 8680 entries from publications from all over the world, and from this,  63 medals were given.
I am very happy to prove again that even with a popular newspaper is possible to make visual storytelling in a high level.

Silver Medal:



Award of Excellence:


Award of Excellence:




Rethinking and redesigning with basic principles

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To some, structuring information might sound boring. But for the readers, the result of it, not.
Getting a bunch of data and creating a structure, giving it organization, visualizing data, can in the end become a brand new attractive product. It is what happened when, working closely with the editor, I redesigned “100% Statistik”, a magazine inside SportBild.

Bellow, some pages before the redesign and the result after.



coincidence or copy?

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Since last year I get many emails from people asking me my opinion about it.

On the left, a cover that I did in 2009 for the magazine Digital&Tal from Brazil (awarded by the SND in New York on that year), and on the right, a cover done some months ago by the BBWeek.

Answering the emails:  I am not an artist who ask for the rights of a piece, I am a visual journalist. I just tell stories. (and if we get copied? – what is not even possible to say –  relax, let it be).

“A wise man will always allow a fool to rob him of ideas without yelling “Thief.”
If he is wise he has not been impoverished.
Nor has the fool been enriched.
The thief flatters us by stealing.”
― Ben Hecht, A Child of the Century