Best of Sports Design

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35 Judges from all over the world were judging sport pages for the biggest News Sports Design Competition, supported by the SND (Society for News Design).

And great news! I got 2 awards in the category “Inside Pages/Special Section or Enterprise”. In total 8 awards were given in this category.

It’s a very good recognation for the first life year of BamS Sport.

Bellow the pages awarded.

The other winners are here:



The power of Photography

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This week I have the honor to receive, here in my office in Germany, the visit one of the greatest Photographers I have ever worked with. Leo Correa is one of the most versatiles photographers I know. His job has inspired a whole generation of professionals and is reference in South America.

Talking to him and seeing again his job, is impossible to dont think in the power that good photography has for print media.

His job can be viewed in

Who will save the print?

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I found this page (from a Swedish publication) on the tables of Syracuse, last month in New York in the SND Competition, and it called my attention.

The Center for the Digital Future (from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism) has released one year ago a study about the impact of the internet on Americans. One prediction made is that most newspapers from the US will be gone in five years and so the death goes on around the world.

Well, never ask a barber if it’s time to get a haircut, and never ask a digital center if they think newspapers will be around much longer.

How will newsprint survive in the long run? I think this is the wrong question. Stories will survive, no matter in which platform you are telling them. But talking about print, I think we wont have so many newspapes as we have now, but I trully beleive in the long life for the ones who make the difference.

It is true that in five years we will hit a generation of readers who don’t remember life without the Internet. And the only thing we can already be sure about our ACTUAL readers is that he or she today is already very tech savvy. They don’t offer you a lot of time. They don’t read the newspaper like Grandfather used to read – page by page, waiting patiently to get to sports. They see a story that is interesting and they go for it immediately.

This should be enough to make us rethink our way to tell stories. I don’t see any publication in the future alive (either print or digital) whithout using the power of Visual storytelling in a GOOD and INTELIGENT away.

Bellow a funny comercial I watched this week. Ipad x print.

Yes, a popular newspaper can win the SND award!

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Great news this week! I got 5 awards with Bild am Sonntag (4 singles pages and 6 pages in Individual Portfolio) in the SND 34th, World’s biggest news design competition, that took place last week at Syracuse University, New York.

I’m specially proud to win it with a popular newspaper and to put Bild am Sonntag as the second most awarded publication in Germany.

More than an award, it represents for me the recognition of the challenge to make high level news design in the language of a popular newspaper. Yes, it is possible!

And to make the week still more special, I got also an SND award for a cover I did for Correio Braziliense, a traditional newspaper from Brazil , where I worked as Art Director until the beginning of last year.

Bellow, the pages awarded!


Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Inside

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Inside


Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports and
Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports and Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports and
Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Sports


Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, Individual Portfolio – Sports

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Sports

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page – Sports

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page, A-Section (Correio Braziliense)

Award of Excellence, News Design/Page, A-Section (Correio Braziliense)



Backstage of SND competition

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This year I had the honor to be invited to serve as a judge in the world greatest news design competition, (SND, The Best of News Design™ Creative Competition) in Syracuse, New York, USA. It was one of the most interesting design experiences I’ve had.

Seeing in a few days the work of the newspapers and magazines from all over the world (this year we had 9300 entries – what means something arround 20.000 pages), not only inspires you, but gives you a better understanding of the direction our industry is taking now.

The competition selection processes were days of hard work. From facilitators to judges, everyone had to wake up early and work until late to select the best in the world.

When you are not a judge, it’s hard to understand how difficult it is to get an award. The competition is very professionally managed and the discussions between the judges are in very high level.

I was part of the Visuals team of judging. In total we were 5 Judges in this group, selecting infographics, illustrations and photos. Sometimes, not voting for pages that impressed me for the first moment, made me think again in the main point of visual storytelling.

I saw many infographics putting more emphasis on the design than on the information. As is the case in good writing, the same goes for visual storytelling, which should follow the same journalism rules. The best work I saw were both effective and informative – in the first place, it presented information in an accessible way, while the design served as a support for the intelligent use of cognitive tools.

I left New York with lot of snow and realizing the importance of the SND Competition, which valorizes incredible works that serve not only as inspiration for worldwide design team, but give us an important overview of our industry now.

sypequeno P1040311-SND-34-US-and-SU-Flags-20130208 sypequeno1 CAM00078-Icicles-in-Syracuse-20130210 CAM00101-SND-34-Trashed-Entries-20130210 IMG_2751

Rethinking the ordinary

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Rethink: this word should be written in capital letters on the wall of every newsroom. Take ordinary type of stories and translate them visually into extraordinary examples is an obligation for any print media nowadays.

For the last edition of Bild am Sonntag, we had the final of the “Dschungel-Camp” (reality show in Germany watched for more than 8 million people).

We wanted to tell the story of the entire program. How could we do it in order to don’t do the same of the past years and put together  50 photos with subtitles and lot of text?

Comics! A language that fits to the topic, to our product, public, and a different and attractive way of storytelling.

What would have been a challenging visual problem to show lot of photos, came into a great result and repercussion.

For this job i hired Kleber Sales, from Brazil, who I had in my team when I was Art Director of Correio Braziliense. Despite of being one of the best illustrators that I have ever worked with, Kleber accept the challenge to do all 35 illustrations in almost 24 hours. Great job. And great to count on with so talented and passionate people, like Kleber, who painted this master pieces in his aquarelle style.

Second Page

Second Page

Third page

Third page

Illustration in progress,  by kleber

Illustration in progress, by kleber

Modern ways of telling stories

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This is the title of the very interesting report about german media published in the “Medium” magazine. It talks about how boring  German newspapers are telling stories and showing new different examples that are changing it. I was very honored to have 2 pages of mine illustrating the opening page of the report “Modern way of telling stories”.




Sport Bild Magazine workshop, a step closer to Visual storytelling

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I spent one entire day this week conducting a very exciting workshop (in Hamburg, Germany) for the team of Sport Bild Magazine, one of the largest circulation sports magazine in Europe.

During the course of this last workshop, we have worked together with the layout team and the chief editors on specific points of the Sport Bild project. The idea? Go trough all pages and details of the magazine, propouse changes and introduce techniques and new uses of visual storytelling.

The first results in the end of the day were amazing. It’s great to conduct a workshop for such talented people.

For this year, I will conduct (in different cities of Europe) a 2 days workshop about the world of visual storytelling. Soon I will post the schedule here.

6 things you can miss while reading a newspaper

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How can newspapers hold readers attention?
“Newspaperwork” (from Belgium) offered 3 advertisers a private driver for 1 day, so they could read their newspaper.

Irish newspapers want to charge license fees for links

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This is not a joke.

This is how Simon McGarr, an Irish layer, started a post about attempts by the Irish newspaper industry’s licensing body to charge one of his clients a fee for linking to newspaper content.

I couldn’t believe on that, until I read the statement released by the “National Newspapers of Ireland” where they expect websites to pay to link to one of their members.

According to McGarr, the prices are something like this:

1 – 5 €300.00
6 – 10 €500.00
11 – 15 €700.00
16 – 25 €950.00
26 – 50 €1,350.00
50 + Negotiable

We have seen lot of experimentation going on in the media when it is about new methods of making profit from content, like the leaky pay-walls at the New York Times or the API licensing at The Guardian. But its unbelievable how some in the industry, like this group of 15 newspapers in Ireland, seemed determined to accelerate the process and speed up the deaths of their publications.