Last post (and page) of 2012

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This was the last page I made this year.
Thank you all who followed this blog during this year. It was 16.352 visits from 22 different countries.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.

Love your readers

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This week I received an email from a designer I used to work with in a “traditional” newspaper in Brazil. He asked me about my opinion in regards to how the popular press could be so “ugly.”

I want to share my response.

First of all, when we talk about design, what is does it mean to be “ugly”?

Sometimes, inside the same newspaper, the standards of ugliness and beauty are incorporated into the same publication.

This week, an Editor in Chief from a magazine here in Germany, came to my office and invited me to conduct a workshop for his magazine. He was looking through some of the work I have been doing in the last 6 months for the popular paper Bild am Sonntag that I have on the wall of my office, and said, “this is an amazing job, but some of these pages wouldn’t fit with my magazine.”

This was true; and with this phrase in mind, I began answering the designer who had written to me. Newspaper design is more organic than any abstract theoretical process. Each newspaper must have its own identity and personality. Newspapers must fit in with their city, their readers and the communities they serve.

Of course, the work I did for more traditional newspapers I worked for in the past, doesn’t fit with what I currently do when I design, for example, a page for BamS. A visual journalist should be able to speak in different languages for different audiences. (It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t try to change many of the things I see in the popular press in general. But it’s not about being ugly; I’m not making it for me. Sometimes it’s more about making something more readable or simply more conceptual and attractive).

But what calls my attention here in Germany is not the popular press, but some particularly traditional papers. I have the clear impression that few of them are involved in a conflict between “being traditional” and “being attractive.” But the two are not mutually exclusive! One doesn’t cancel out the other. It’s all about thinking one’s readership and rethinking the way one tells stories, making an effort to make it more engaging.

Love your readers. Write good stories. Make the information easily accessible. But don’t forget to make your product attractive.

Tina Brown talks about the end of Newsweek

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This month we have the last printed edition of Newsweek (it is going all digital). Tina Brown, editor in chief of this magazine, explain her point of view about the failure of Newsweek printed editions.

In a boulevard newspaper

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The image above is an ad from Bild newspaper. The slogan: “Read the world’s fastest newspaper”.

In the last 10 years I worked in 7 different publications (as art director, consultant or making some kind of contribution) and all of them were mainly “traditional” dailies. This year I got, maybe, the biggest challenge of my career.

When I decided to move to a boulevard newspaper (boulevard translates “popular press” here) many people said that I would not be able to do anything there.

But of course I didn’t see it like this and took the challenge. After 6 months working as Art Director at Bild am Sonntag, I can say that there is a lot to learn from the sense of surprising and how these papers know their audience and focus on serving it.

As a Visual journalist and under my perspective, there are, withal, lot of possibilities and work on progress.

My first intention during these first months was to bring more concept on the visual language and connect it more with their way of storytelling.

I’m very proud of the first results and excited with all that is still possible to do.

The most impressive photos of 2012

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Like Reuters last year, here’s a compilation of the most impressive photos of 2012 selected by AFP.

It’s about passion

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Ana Dubeux is one of those talented journalists that makes you be sure that a Newsroom is a place only for people that are exciting and passionate about what they do. For those who can read Portuguese,  I would like to share  a text she wrote about our daily passion, right after we win the Esso Award.

“Todo dia, a mesma obrigação. Todo dia, a mesma labuta. Todo dia, o mesmo prazer. Difícil e penoso, o jornalismo diário é um esgotamento e uma redenção. Nós, que somos devotos desse cotidiano paradoxal, em que sacrifício e emoção se misturam na mesma proporção, lidamos com a rotina do inesperado. A surpresa se impõe diante de qualquer planejamento, que só às vezes prevalece. Aqui no Correio, uma estranha magia parece pairar no ar quando algo muito grave e forte, do ponto de vista jornalístico, acontece. Uma morte, uma data especial, um crime bárbaro, um superapagão, um enorme escândalo político. Costumamos mergulhar fundo, envolver uma grande equipe e, não sem uma dose cavalar de adrenalina e sofrimento, oferecer edições memoráveis.Alguns desses dias, ficamos especialmente felizes por entregar aos leitores, além de páginas notáveis, uma capa surpreendente. Nos últimos oito anos, impressionamos três vezes um júri mais exigente, que nos concedeu o Prêmio Esso de Primeira Página, o que nos honra e nos deixa profundamente reconhecidos. O último deles, anunciado na semana passada, foi a criação do designer gráfico Saulo Santana e dos demais integrantes da primeira página (Carlos Alexandre, Luís Tajes, Marcelo Agner, Plácido Fernandes e Varilandes Gonçalves), na qual me incluo com orgulho. A capa Adeus, Chico, com o símbolo gráfico virtual de tristeza, foi uma homenagem ao humorista e grande artista brasileiro Chico Anysio. A capa, um belo obituário de Chico, à época de sua publicação, foi destaque entre os analistas de mídia. O site Paper Papers, atualizado pelo jornalista e consultor espanhol Toni Pique e pelo repórter e doutor em comunicação pública Gonzallo Peltzer, publicou um texto intitulado Tratar bien a los muertos, no qual ressaltou a excelência do jornal. Parte, eu reproduzo: “Jornais excelentes costumam oferecer obituários de primeira para os mortos, cujas vidas deixaram marcas. O Correio Braziliense é um clássico da coisa”. Citações assim e a resposta dos leitores no dia seguinte, assim como o Prêmio Esso, são as repostas que precisamos para saber que estamos no caminho certo. Parte dessa história de sucesso foi trilhada por quem já não está mais aqui. João Bosco, nosso eterno editor de arte, a quem Saulo Santana sabiamente ofereceu este prêmio, foi um grande artífice das páginas do Correio. Ele mereceu e ainda merece todas as nossas homenagens.” Ana Dubeux, Editor-in-Chief, Correio Braziliense


Got the European newspaper award :)

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Great news today! I had 3 pages awarded in the “European Newspaper Award”. 3 completly different topics: Politics, Culture and Sports. It has been a great and exciting experience doing the mainly popular newspaper in Germany.

o bitteren Wothan_NEU2

Winner of ESSO award

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Cover awarded in "Premio Esso" (Brazil) in the category "First Page"

Cover awarded in “Premio Esso” (Brazil) in the category “First Page”

From time to time, big topics comes along. It is usually something we couldn’t expect or plan, how the topic appears at your door, sometimes not even rings the bell and, suddenly, one is thrust in the most exciting experience that working for a newspaper can offer you. A thought-provoking activity that was not there minutes before.
You know you have little time for making it in the middle of a busy day, but it is too tempting to pass up.

It was what happened to me when I arrived in Correio Braziliense newspaper as Art Director.

The country was saying good buy to one of the greatest TV comedians in Brazilian media.
It was the first cover I made for this publication.

“Newspapers today, must grab readers’ attention and entertain the eye, as much as provide food for thought for the soul”

Win one of the most important journalism award in South America, means for me not only having a job or project awarded, but having the fight of how we should see newspapers today recognized.

This award reminds me the great time working with great people in Correio Braziliense. But specially my friend João Bosco, (that was art director before me and died last year) whom I dedicate this award.

The new Bild am Sonntag SPORT

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It has been more than a month since I start to create the new concept for the new Sport BamS. An entire new sport paper that comes inside the Bild am Sonntag. The idea was to create a new graphic project in order to have an entire and separated new product inside the Sunday edition, but trying in somehow to keep the same language of BamS.

The first feed-back was awesome. Only in the first few days, more than 150 mails/letters from readers arrived in the newsroom.

Here are the new Logo / cover of the new paper and some pages of the first 2 editions.


21_10_12_HP_044_045_181 21_10_12_HP_040_041_313 o 28_10_12_HP_050_051_172


In the final of the ESSO award

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I worked for a short time as Art Diretor for Correio Braziliense. Im very proud that in this short time we could make a great job and be in the final of one of the most important journalism awards in South America.

This page is about the death of one of the most famous comedians in Brazlian media.

It was, actually, one of the first covers I made for this newspaper.