Winner of ESSO award

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Cover awarded in "Premio Esso" (Brazil) in the category "First Page"

Cover awarded in “Premio Esso” (Brazil) in the category “First Page”

From time to time, big topics comes along. It is usually something we couldn’t expect or plan, how the topic appears at your door, sometimes not even rings the bell and, suddenly, one is thrust in the most exciting experience that working for a newspaper can offer you. A thought-provoking activity that was not there minutes before.
You know you have little time for making it in the middle of a busy day, but it is too tempting to pass up.

It was what happened to me when I arrived in Correio Braziliense newspaper as Art Director.

The country was saying good buy to one of the greatest TV comedians in Brazilian media.
It was the first cover I made for this publication.

“Newspapers today, must grab readers’ attention and entertain the eye, as much as provide food for thought for the soul”

Win one of the most important journalism award in South America, means for me not only having a job or project awarded, but having the fight of how we should see newspapers today recognized.

This award reminds me the great time working with great people in Correio Braziliense. But specially my friend João Bosco, (that was art director before me and died last year) whom I dedicate this award.

The new Bild am Sonntag SPORT

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It has been more than a month since I start to create the new concept for the new Sport BamS. An entire new sport paper that comes inside the Bild am Sonntag. The idea was to create a new graphic project in order to have an entire and separated new product inside the Sunday edition, but trying in somehow to keep the same language of BamS.

The first feed-back was awesome. Only in the first few days, more than 150 mails/letters from readers arrived in the newsroom.

Here are the new Logo / cover of the new paper and some pages of the first 2 editions.


21_10_12_HP_044_045_181 21_10_12_HP_040_041_313 o 28_10_12_HP_050_051_172


In the final of the ESSO award

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I worked for a short time as Art Diretor for Correio Braziliense. Im very proud that in this short time we could make a great job and be in the final of one of the most important journalism awards in South America.

This page is about the death of one of the most famous comedians in Brazlian media.

It was, actually, one of the first covers I made for this newspaper.

“from where our readers are really coming from?”

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“love your job, but don’t fall in love for it”

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“roses are everywhere for those who can see them”

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The new USA TODAY website

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Innovation is what people should always think before doing anything in the communication area.
The USA Today launched this weekend their new website, with a navigation system inspired in tablets concept.
it’s just easy and GREAT.

Somewhere in Venezia

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Waiting for the train in Venezia, found this great cover from NG.