It’s election day in Germany

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Federal elections are being held in Germany today the 24th of September 2017. We asked 101 germans, who will they vote for and why. Here are the pages I designed for today’s Sunday edition of Bild am Sonntag.












New ways of telling stories visually (in a car magazine)

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I am honored to have been invited, one more time, to take a look at Auto Bild magazine three years after my first visit.  As many of you know, despite of  changing and developing many new things in the graphic project, in the last weeks, I am contributing weekly in every issue, in order to develop new approaches and find new ways of telling stories visually in the magazine. Here are examples of pages I designed for the last 2 issues!












No cliche!

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In the recent editions of Auto Bild we looked for new ways to tell stories visually that are different from the cliche that normally car publications do.

Here is the result of some pages I designed in the third issue of my work as a consultant for the magazine.




AuBi17_36_008-013_Tesla-Konkurrenz-2 AuBi17_36_008-013_Tesla-Konkurrenz-3


Second edition of Auto Bild’s new life

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As many of you have been following, one month ago I started giving a consulting in the largest car magazine in Europe to adjust and rethink several aspects of the redesign project that I did 3 years ago.

This is the second edition of the “new” magazine, in which now I not only the development of the graphic project, but also get my hands dirty and design pages by myself, taking the challenge to find different ways and languages to tell stories visually in a car magazine.

Bellow some pages of this second issue of the  ”new life”of Auto Bild:

AuBi17_35_001-001_Titel AuBi17_35_003-003_Start AuBi17_35_004-005_Inhalt AuBi17_35_010-013_IAA-1 AuBi17_35_014-015_IAA_Porsche AuBi17_35_020-021_IAA_Mini AuBi17_35_028-029_IAA_Top_10 AuBi17_35_030-031_Hingucker AuBi17_35_042-042_Zahlenduell AuBi17_35_044-047_Ferrari-Crash-1 AuBi17_35_044-047_Ferrari-Crash-2

It’s a brand new life for Auto Bild

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3 years ago I had the honor to redesign Auto Bild Magazine (europes’s largest automobile magazine), being the biggest change that the publication ever had in terms of design and content. The redesign was selected amongst the top3 in Germany last 2014 and was implemented in several other countries where the magazine is published.

Today, 3 years later, I came back to the Auto Bild newsroom, to rethink some aspects of the project, and to identify important points of the original concept that got lost over time.

Among the changes, we made some adjustments in the typography, fully refreshed the color palette, developed new elements and redesigned some other few. We also brought a new approach to the magazine creating some new sections.

In the first week of the release of the “changes package”, I put my hands in the magazine and designed pages for this first issue. In the end of the week, I was surprised breaking my own record of the number of pages designed in a week for a magazine! : )

Below the result of all this:



AuBi17_34_003-003_Editorial AuBi17_34_004-005_Inhalt AuBi17_34_008-015_TdW_Elektro-1 AuBi17_34_008-015_TdW_Elektro-2 AuBi17_34_008-015_TdW_Elektro-3 AuBi17_34_016-017_Aktuell_1 AuBi17_34_020-021_Hingucker AuBi17_34_022-025_Insider-1 AuBi17_34_026-029_Im_Auto_mit-1 AuBi17_34_026-029_Im_Auto_mit-2 AuBi17_34_030-033_Neue_Autos_T-Roc-1 AuBi17_34_030-033_Neue_Autos_T-Roc-2 AuBi17_34_034-039_Vgl_SUV-1 AuBi17_34_034-039_Vgl_SUV-2 AuBi17_34_034-039_Vgl_SUV-3 AuBi17_34_040-043_Vgl_Civic-1 AuBi17_34_040-043_Vgl_Civic-2 AuBi17_34_044-044_Mein_Auto AuBi17_34_046-049_Reportage-1 AuBi17_34_046-049_Reportage-2 AuBi17_34_052-055_Erstes_Mal-1 AuBi17_34_058-059_Zahlenduell AuBi17_34_072-073_S-Reifen AuBi17_34_076-077_Sparen AuBi17_34_080-083_SH_BMW-1 AuBi17_34_084-085_Vergessene_NUE AuBi17_34_086-087_Cash-Gewinnspiel AuBi17_34_092-097_Faszination-1 AuBi17_34_098-098_Vorschau

10 Awards at the European Newspaper Award

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Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 15.26.18

This week I am in Vienna for the European Newspaper Congress and I am very honored to win 10 awards at the European Newspaper Award with Bild am Sonntag.

Here are the winning pages:


The impact of the industry economy on visual journalism

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This week I participated as a speaker in a panel discussion at the 39th SND Annual Workshop & Exhibition in Charlotte, USA, about the impact of the industry economy on news design.

Participating in the discussion with me was Adonis Durado (Muscat Media Group), Nuri Ducassi (Toronto Star), Javier Errea and David Kordalski (Crain’s Cleveland), exposing the different realities of visual journalism in different parts of the world.

I highlight here one of the most interesting points raised in the end by Javier, exposing the need nowadays, when we have so much visual innovation, to return and don’t forget the basis and foundation of journalism that is and should always be our guide.

“It’s about using a visual narrative that makes the reader think ‘that’s an impressive story’ rather than ‘that’s an impressive design’. ”

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This week I gave an interview to Magazine, where I talk about news design and my work at Axel Springer.

English version:
German version:



The challenge of “breaking news”

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The latest facts have shocked the world. It is impossible not to be moved by the images we have seen coming from Syria.

One of the most challenging exercises when working in a newspaper (either for print or online)  is certainly when we have “breaking news”. Changing the newspaper in a short time and looking for the best way to bring visual elements that translate the story in the best possible way, in a short time, is a challenge for every visual journalist.

Below, my most recent work (pages from the latest edition of Bild am Sonntag).

“The lessons”

saulosantana_SYRIA04“The attack”

saulosantana_SYRIA06“The tyrant”


“The questions”

7 Awards at the SND!

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Now it is official. I am happy to share: 7 awards at the “SND – Best of News Design Competition” in the USA this year with Bild am Sonntag! Becoming the most awarded publication from Axel Springer and one of the most awarded popular newspapers in the world.

For me, this is again the confirmation that is possible to bring “visual storytelling” to a popular newspaper language.

Douglas Okasaki, president of the Society for News Design shared very kind words about it:

“The pages design from Bild am Sonntag has a strong voice. The typography plays a strong role in the page combined with the pictures. It’s impossible not call the readers attentions. It’s a unique style for a German newspaper”

Here are the winning pages:


Category: Opinion Design


Category: Opinion Design


Category: News Design


Category: Breaking News




santana_terror4Category: News Design and Opinion Design


Category: Photography