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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany


In a boulevard newspaper

The image above is an ad from Bild newspaper. The slogan: “Read...

The most impressive photos of 2012

Like Reuters last year, here’s a compilation of the most impressive photos...

It's about passion

Ana Dubeux is one of those talented journalists that makes you be sure...

Got the European newspaper award :)

Great news today! I had 3 pages awarded in the “European Newspaper...

Winner of ESSO award

From time to time, big topics comes along. It is usually something...

The new Bild am Sonntag SPORT

It has been more than a month since I start to create...

In the final of the ESSO award

I worked for a short time as Art Diretor for Correio Braziliense....

"from where our readers are really coming from?"

# quotes, SND, Cleveland

"love your job, but don't fall in love for it"

# quotes, SND, Cleveland

"roses are everywhere for those who can see them"

# quotes, SND, Cleveland

The new USA TODAY website

Innovation is what people should always think before doing anything in the...

Somewhere in Venezia

Waiting for the train in Venezia, found this great cover from NG.

Like this they sell their magazines

This last days I have seen this add from “The Economist” in...