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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

In a boulevard newspaper


The image above is an ad from Bild newspaper. The slogan: “Read the world’s fastest newspaper”.

In the last 10 years I worked in 7 different publications (as art director, consultant or making some kind of contribution) and all of them were mainly “traditional” dailies. This year I got, maybe, the biggest challenge of my career.

When I decided to move to a boulevard newspaper (boulevard translates “popular press” here) many people said that I would not be able to do anything there.

But of course I didn’t see it like this and took the challenge. After 6 months working as Art Director at Bild am Sonntag, I can say that there is a lot to learn from the sense of surprising and how these papers know their audience and focus on serving it.

As a Visual journalist and under my perspective, there are, withal, lot of possibilities and work on progress.

My first intention during these first months was to bring more concept on the visual language and connect it more with their way of storytelling.

I’m very proud of the first results and excited with all that is still possible to do.