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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

A new TV Channel

I am incredibly proud to have brought to life a new TV Channel in Germany and honoured to have had the opportunity to lead, design and develop strategies for it. From the channel identity to the entire ON AIR design and live GFX operations. All from scratch. With a small team we designed 3 TV Set Studios, developed the entire Promo Strategy, Channel CI and Sound Design. There were more than 50 graphic packages for 50 different programs, of which 12 were aired on TV. 10 openings for documentaries. The entire physical branding of the channel, from the design of the microphones to the branding of mugs. All made IN-HOUSE.

We developed IN-HOUSE our Magic-Wall. An engine for a touch screen that is used every day in our programs with different kind of interactions and graphics.

We dedicate a good part of our work in Visual Journalism. There are more than 100 animated news graphics templates for daily use. From conception and design to broadcast live automation, all done IN-HOUSE.

We faced the challenge of not finding live graphic operators in Germany that use our broadcast system. So we opened our own “school” IN-HOUSE and trained more than 20 operators in a process that took 3 months.

And why do I repeat IN-HOUSE so much?

If this project had been carried out by agencies, it would have costed million euros.

I am extremely proud of my team.

And this pride is not for the millions we have saved for the company, but for seeing that what others do by spending lots of money on agencies and many people, we did with a small team. In fact, when they tell you “we don’t have a lot of money for this” rather than taking it as a limitation, we can turn that into motivation.

Check what we did so far. This is just the start!