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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

Second edition of Auto Bild’s new life

As many of you have been following, one month ago I started giving a consulting in the largest car magazine in Europe to adjust and rethink several aspects of the redesign project that I did 3 years ago.

This is the second edition of the “new” magazine, in which now I not only the development of the graphic project, but also get my hands dirty and design pages by myself, taking the challenge to find different ways and languages to tell stories visually in a car magazine.

Bellow some pages of this second issue of the  “new life”of Auto Bild:

AuBi17_35_001-001_Titel AuBi17_35_003-003_Start AuBi17_35_004-005_Inhalt AuBi17_35_010-013_IAA-1 AuBi17_35_014-015_IAA_Porsche AuBi17_35_020-021_IAA_Mini AuBi17_35_028-029_IAA_Top_10 AuBi17_35_030-031_Hingucker AuBi17_35_042-042_Zahlenduell AuBi17_35_044-047_Ferrari-Crash-1 AuBi17_35_044-047_Ferrari-Crash-2