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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

It’s not only about redesign, it’s about rethinking


Its a sunny day in Hamburg (Germany). I just started a “re-lunch-project”of one of the biggest magazines in Europe “of its segment”. Many people would call it redesign, but for me this word can not describe the reason I came into that newsroom and what I am doing there.
Actually, the project started weeks ago, with a long conversation with the Chief Editor to understand not only the DNA of the product but its philosophy and how its audience get the information across platforms.

I get always excited when I see an Editor passionated about the publication he is doing. Not only great ideas came out but many points that could be improved were identified.

Of course the redesign is an important topic in the project. But without rethinking the whole publication and the way we are presenting stories, it would probably be only a new package and not a better product.

Well, the fun is just getting started!