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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

Millennials won’t pay so easy for news

I just ready a survey by the World Economic Forum (done with 5,000 digital media users in the US, Germany, South Africa, Brazil and China): Millennials will pay for top notch digital entertainment, like Netflix and Spotify, but won’t do it so easy for things like news. (millennials are defined as people aged between 15 and 34)

“News publishers will be disappointed: Just under a quarter of plugged-in millennials say they would open their wallets to get over a paywall to read the news. Even more worryingly, journalists were deemed the group with the least influence over respondents’ digital media habits. Respondents considered brands and search-engines bigger factors on their media consumptions”

But at the same time the study brings out:

“Good news for makers of all sorts of digital content: Millennials are willing to pay for it—but only the good stuff.”

This shows me only one thing: there is only space for content produced with quality, in all ways: content and visual storytelling.. I believe that even the most economical millennial will pay something he feels essential.

Read here the study article: