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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

The article is our new Front Page

Everybody knows that the use of Visual storytelling can attract readers also in the digital world. But is that all we have to care to keep our readers?

I have been saying it in the last digital projects I did for some newspapers: A simple article is the new front page. It is for most of the times where our readers meet us for the first time, and very often coming from the social medias. Keeping the focus on our traditional home pages, the way we have been doing in the last years, is not enough.

The use of visual storytelling attract readers to the story and to each details of it. But design was never such an essential tool, like it is now, in digital journalism. It is a support tool that helps each story standing on its own and luring readers into our website, if used in a strategic way.

This is the basic. The point from where we should start today when its about digital journalism strategy.

To read more:

This week I read a very interesting article about The New York Times and its plans to double its digital revenue by 2020. To achieve that, they plan to develop strategies that will entice readers to spend more time with the Times.

They announced the creation of the Express Team. “This new team will quickly and smartly weigh in on the issues and questions that are attracting attention across the day and around the world” they wrote.

This is the right approach in digital journalism frequency.