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Saulo Santana
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany
Branding Event On Air


Basketball is made of individuals who come together to create incredible stories of performance and moments of magic. I am incredibly proud to have brought to life the spirit of basketball with 360 branding package for the Euro Basket Championship, the most important basketball competition in Europe.

Create an unified brand experience, from the event's main Identity to TV Graphics Package. Staff uniforms, the Arenas, the official ball of the competition, up to designs for the campaign through the cities of the event.

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    Creative Direction, Branding, Arena/Set, Motion, On Air

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The Euro Basket 2021 brand expression comes directly from the basketball itself. The brand lives where the game takes place: the identity and graphic system are inspired by the sport.
The logo and typography, where the shape of the letters together, forms the geometrical proportion of a basketball court, with the sillhouette of a player dunking on top. The pattern used inside the logotype, are lines conected always in 3 points, like the three steps a basketball player take before shooting the ball. The union of all these lines, highlights the trajectory of the ball passing from player to player. 


The color palette created for the new brand, allows its application both on white and black background, without any change. The same color palette gives different color variations for the logo, making it easily adaptable to a variety of applications.

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